MV Art Museum

Martha’s Vineyard Art Museum is my fifth semester studio project at GSD, instructed by critic Maryann Thompson. Situated on the northern slope of a low-rising terrain known as Menemsha Hills, the 2,000 square feet museum is to be built on Martha’s Vineyard, a popular resort island off the tip of Cape Cod.

Fifteen arrangements of the program are tested to find the best fit to the site. The design of choice achieves the following effects:  1. Nestle fractured ground planes into the ridge to speak of the site; 2. Disperse spaces in the forest to make interesting perspective and side views possible; 3. Create “hide and reveal” effect by winding corridor and outdoor walk ways; 4. Position summer-only program on north-facing slope for energy saving design; 5. Encourage interaction between artists and visitors by distributing studios along the main circulation.

Programs that require a low ceiling height are positioned on the north, while the programs that require high ceilings are positioned on the south. The height difference between the two, multiplied by the sloping site, allows large north-facing skylight for the studios. The orientation and footprint of each program element vary according to the topos of the terrain. The winding corridor and outdoor walk ways serve as the organizational connection of all program elements.